We have always collected the ingredients with excellent efficacy and bring beauty to Chinese women. Our team has outstanding research personnel for biomedicine and cosmetics and the beauty consultants who have engaged in healthy and beauty for many years. We will try our best to make you healthy and beautiful and you pleasant. From basic research, product development, massive production to quality control, with integrity as the foundation, beauty and health as the ideal, science as breakthrough and consumers as the fundamentals, YOSTO will create healthy and beautiful tomorrow with you.
In order to develop high quality products constantly, we have made cooperation with scientific research institution, universities and famous international research and development enterprises. Zhejiang University, Korean COSMAX and Japanese KOLMAR and Taiwan Health Scientific institutions have become cooperative partners for scientific search. Multiple excellent products have been developed by YOSTO successively.
Water is the source of life. 70% of human body is made up of water. If it is lower than the proportion, human body will age. The wrinkles become more first, the skin is dry and then followed by lapse of memory. When the water content reduces below 50%, people will die. Water nourishes the life and Life is evolved from ocean. The embryo of mankind is surrounded by amniotic fluid.
Soft water may remove dirt inside skin cells so that the skin is comfortable, smooth and fine after cleaning. As soft water contains rich organic mineral substances, when it is used for regular shower, it can help you resolve skin dryness, psoriasis, dandruff and restore normal skin elasticity. Washing with soft water can drive eczema to give you soft, shiny hand and feet.
The 365-day 24-hour 85℃ water cycle of YOSTO is the purified water with metal ion removed. It is softer and cleaner than soft water. The water is soft and pure, which provides basic raw materials for quality treatment lotion. When the skin is at sub-health state, the sufficiently soft pure water may care our skin elaborately like the breeze flicking our face. It is moisturized and wonderful.
Fission yeast:Among the known 500 types of yeasts, we focus on saccharomycetes called fission yeast from chestnut wine. This yeast multiplies in the form of division method. So it is called fission yeast. After fission yeast is cultured. Fission yeast is extracted from yeast cell.
·The fission yeast we product with KOLMAR is similar to the division method of human cells.
Fission yeast
Budding yeast
Skin whitening and brightening function:After consistent use for three months, the melanin content in the skin reduces. Continuous use of product containing yeast extract can brighten complexion, discolor melanin and discolor acne mark.
Improvement result of wrinkles: with the healthy men aged from 20-40 years old as objects, apply cream containing yeast extract on the eye corner twice in the morning and evening every day. Two months later, the wrinkles area reduces.
Chitin is a type of abundant natural resource and the only cellulin with positive charge discovered in the world so far. As its molecular structure contains unsaturated cation group, it has adsorption function for all types of harmful substances with negative charge. It can also remove the “rubbish” in human body at the same time to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases and prolong the life. As Chitin has such unique structure, it is called the sixth vital elements for human that is as important as protein, fat, saccharides, vitamin, minerals.
·Asian betula platyphylla + arbutin
Squalane is an important ingredient contained in sebum of human body. The sebum secreted by human skin contains a small amount of squalene and squalane. Human body can convert squalene to squalane. Squalene and squalane almost have the same cosmetic effect. But the molecular structure of squalene is not stable and easy to get oxidated. Therefore, it is packed with capsule and suitable for oral use. But squalane is stale essential and pure oil and suitable for external use.Squalane is a type of lipid that is closest to human lipid. It has strong affinity and can combine with the sebum of human body and form a layer of natural barrier on skin surface to prevent invisible water loss. It can enhance repair of epidermis and form the natural protective barrier effectively to help the balance between skin and sebum.
It can enhance repair of epidermis and form the natural protective barrier effectively to help the balance between skin and sebum.
Squalane—deep sea oleum morrhuae, can adjust human immune function effectively to enhance body resistances and is suitable for children, fragrant women, middle-aged and old people and people with low immunity caused by excessive fatigue. It can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase inside human body, enhance immunocompetence of human body. Squalane can provide oxygen and nutrition to cells, promote cellular metabolism and can form a surface lipid film on skin surface to prevent damage of water loss, isolate cells, dirt and ultraviolet light.
The stubborn life force above northern latitude 50°stands at the coldest place to endure the test of life and death.
In early spring before the trees sprout, after drilling a small hole on betula platyphylla tree, the clear and transparent sap will flow out. Betula platyphylla sap is sweet and contains rich nutrition. It can nourish the skin and resist aging and is excellent healthy drinks. Russians of Altay likes the type of drinks. Pass the EU ECOCERT organic certification!
We collect the betula platyphylla sap essence with age above 20 years. This is the spirit of stubborn betula platyphylla and can resist external injury effectively.For internal side----lock water and nutrition; for external side----prevent external harmful substances invading to the skin. The Asian betula platyphylla can form a natural protective film for the skin. The Asian betula platyphylla growing more than 20 years and wild betula platyphylla at Baikal of Russia, the lowest temperature reaches subzero 57℃.