Product quality is the footstone of an enterprise. From birth of the product to delivery to the customers, YOSTO always puts the quality and safety at the first place.In order to implement and carry out the concept, five steps are divided from product investigation and study, research and development, sale and after-sale. Every link is guarded and inspected by veteran personnel and quality monitors so as to ensure the quality and safety of every product.
The stage of investigation and study: understand customer’s requirement and environment change deeply.
According to the environmental property of all regions, skin care requirements of people and health as well as other difference attribute, in light of the enterprise R&D technology of the enterprise, master the customer’s requirements and all types of skin problems and healthy problems caused by environment change, we determine the product development direction through scientific comprehensive analysis and skin care and healthy experience through many years.
Research and development state: careful research and development from multiple dimensions such as efficacy, ingredients, technology, sense of use.
In order to realize the planning content, when the product formula, container package and design are ensured to comply with laws and regulations, a great deal of experiment will be made to verify and determine the safety and efficacy to human body. We constantly study and absorb the world’s advanced scientific technology and technology ingredients to refine the products suitable for Chinese customers.
Always stick to international CGMP excellent cosmetic and medicines manufacturing and quality management standard. In the aspect of raw materials, the company adopts more internationally imported raw materials such as squalane cosmetic oil and Betula Alba Juice imported from Russia and passing EU ECO organic certification, etc. Every batch of products is tightened strictly in every production process and has received multiple-layer quality test, stability test and safety test. At the same time, the company has 100,000 –grade purification factory building and top soft water production system in Asia. The quality of every product is guaranteed through the quality monitoring system that is monitored layer by layer.
The stage of massive production: the production and management system formulated according to international standard
After-sale stage: considerate after-sale service.
After the products are delivered to customers, we will actively provide use suggestion to customers to make customer use the products more effectively. We have the beauty consultant team with many years of experience with respect to skin care and health regimen and answer any problems of the customers with enthusiasm.
Sales stage: the mentor with many years of cosmetic experience, healthy consultant and product sale persons.
Sales stage: the mentor with many years of cosmetic experience, healthy consultant and product sale persons.
The product manufacturing of YOSTO starts from strict selection of raw materials because cosmetics are used on skin every day. Many times of analysis for every type of raw material and multiple-dimension inspection are made to guarantee safety of raw materials.
The basis of safety is from the test for raw materials.
The production of cosmetics is carried out by following the quality management from start to finish.Never use low price raw materials, never use low-price factory and never use chemicals that are harmful to human body. Stick to international CGMP quality standard. Never reduce product standard for profit-making.
Quality management follows high standard.
Repeated test: the product is tested and confirmed repeatedly so that it will not cause dermal abnormalities.We have obtained assistance from personnel from walks of life in order that customers can use the product better and obtain strong evidence for zero burden to the skin.
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